My greatest accomplishment since beginning healing work, is that I feel like I turned over some stones that had the roots of my suffering trapped under them. I feel like I gave myself so much respect by honoring where my hurt began and compassion now for how it's affected and influenced my life today. 

The most impactful part of working with Marijana was taking myself back to the most painful moment in my experience and by dissolving the trauma. I gained a new perspective of it and was able to completely turn it from feeling like a moment when I was dying to a moment when I was feeling reborn. So powerful. 

Marijana offers this super safe space to be with whatever comes up, she has so much patience and presence for the hard stuff. She delights in the "light bulb" turning on so to speak. Like when I come to a realization she’s right there riding the wave with me and sees the good and the resolution and satisfaction and the relief that comes when I see things differently. Such a beautiful woman with a nurturing way of being, I feel like I can just be real, all of me on the floor, guts and glory and she can handle all of it.

The results are; release. I feel more free. I feel like I seriously healed some shit! I feel like I can dissolve the trauma around other experiences now. — Anonymous


The counseling sessions with Marijana are helping me in many ways emotionally and physically as I started the journey healing from the concussion and the emotional roller-coaster ride that comes along with it. The sessions helping me first, vent and speak comfortably without worrying about being judged about the deep pain and scary and dark thoughts that is associated with the constant flashbacks and fear that started after the MVA.

Her sessions are giving me the help I need and gradually learning some skills to take home and use to calm my fears and anxiety to carry on my day. Her sessions are helping me cope with the day-to-day stress and the major changes in my life now that I am not working or driving or socializing or even doing what I love most, writing.

I find my mental health overall and my spirit is improving gradually and with the gradual physical healing from the concussion, I find myself retaining skills that will help me to be calm long after I am healed.

I still have some way to go and I look forward to more sessions and see more improvement until I am back to the way I was and even be better. — Anonymous


Before meeting Marijana I remember feeling nervous, anxious and somewhat skeptical about seeing a counsellor for the first time. Within the first five minutes of being in her presence, I immediately felt at ease, safe and comfortable, which enabled me to open up to a point that I didn't know I was capable of. I was able to talk about situations and worries that I felt but couldn't fathom expressing to myself, let alone another person. I still remember sitting and crying through the vast majority of my first few sessions, but through my sadness, Marijana's words of encouragement and her spirit always helped me find the light again. Marijana helped me change the way I viewed myself through letting go of self-doubt. My greatest accomplishment was learning how to love myself and it has been by far the greatest gift anyone has given me in my life. The most impactful work was affirming my True self and seeing the magnitude in which it can change your perspectives and thinking. I drew strength from the affirmations and it was exactly what I needed to push myself emotionally. Marijana's sense of spirituality provided me with an uplifting sense of gratitude and praise for all of the work we accomplished together. I have and will continue to recommend all of my close family and friends to Marijana. Those close to me say they have seen me evolve into a much more loving, supportive, proud, compassionate, and giving person, all of which was present within me, but blossomed over my time with Marijana. Marijana has made all of my positive attributes come to life in ways that even surprised me. Saying that I love myself was one of the most challenging aspects I faced through counselling, but the result of counselling with Marijana has allowed me to change and grow into a person I truly do love. Seeing who I am today and all of the work I have accomplished through the help and guidance of Marijana, I am truly proud of the person I have become, and most importantly, I wholeheartedly love myself." — Anonymous


Prior to my counselling with Marijana I was living in fear and anger. There was resentment I was carrying in my life from a childhood trauma. I was constantly overwhelmed by my feelings and I was using alcohol as a means of coping. There was a huge strain on my relationship as I projected a lot of my anger onto my partner. My experience with Marijana not only helped me to cope and move past this trauma it taught me that I was worthy of self love and self compassion. My entire life I have felt like a victim of my circumstance and she showed me that by being aware and taking ownership of my feelings that I have so much control over my life. She helped me to set boundaries and to voice my needs in an honest way that feels so empowering. I no longer use alcohol as a means of coping and my relationship has changed so dramatically. I feel at peace with who I am and more true to myself. From the moment I started working with Marijana she created a safe, warm and supportive environment; I felt complete acceptance from her. I am so grateful for my experience with her. — Anonymous


My work with Marijana is ongoing and invaluable with her focus on the spiritual aspect of our work together. When I find myself caught up in the morass of painful emotional memories that my body gets lost in, she has an amazing ability to bring me back to the present, to tune in to what my body is experiencing from past traumas, and with great compassion, patience and wisdom assist me in remembering that in the present I have choices and to remember that I am not my body or my mind.

She consistently reflects back to me my essential self, the overarching connection of spirit between us, while creating the safe and sacred space for me to honour whatever I am feeling.

This is ongoing, the paradox of knowing that I am more than my body’s memorized emotions, that I am a spirit having a physical experience, growing the awareness of the inviolable connection with my essence, this Divine Intelligence in us all, the giver of life.

It is not always pretty and not always fun accessing and releasing painful memories from the past, and yet Marijana consistently mirrors back to me my spirit essence in the present moment and helps me reclaim the power to see the truth in the present and reclaim my power of choice. — Anonymous


Marijana and I connected over skype for a beautiful mentoring session. Any scepticism I had about participating in sessions like this over skype were dissolved as soon as I saw Marijana’s gentle smile through the screen. Her ability to hold space was palpable, and it enabled a free flow of energy to pass between us. I felt heard, and more importantly, I felt seen.

Marijana has a special magic about her that allowed me to relax and share from the heart. Her wisdom and guidance was pure; her perspectives and knowledge lovingly intentional.

At the end of the hour I had an expanded view of how to move forward with my life, how I was viewing myself in my life, and my place in it.

I am confident I could book a session with Marijana at any time and receive the grounded, loving support and guidance I needed.— Teresa


After spending time with Marijana I knew I was in the presence of a very special mentor and therapist. There is a light that shines through her as she offered careful guidance specific to me. What struck me is that she didn’t tell me what to do or feel, rather she took the time and pace to explain deeply how things can be and how to begin mindfully moving forward. If you are wanting to work with someone who is wise, educated, professional and spiritual, I would highly recommend Marijana. —Eve


Marijana brings such depth, knowledge and an inner knowing to her work. Her spirit shines as she listens and encourages in a gentle way. I felt a sense of release during our conversation, and was able to really look at and understand the blocks I was experiencing in my life with a new appreciation and way to approach and deal with them. I think that anyone that gets to work with her will be blessed with the chance to feel her light, and will have huge shifts in their mindset. — Abigail


I was drawn to Marijana after watching one of her videos. In my mentoring session with her I began to pay attention on where my focus is at the moment. I received a safe space to share my journey, felt the presence of a mentor who has been there and I received valuable insights.

I would definitely recommend working with Marijana. She is a great mentor and listener. She created a powerful container for transformation and healing. She helped me to move through pain and resistance. Her guided meditation was wonderful. I really felt deeply connected and present with myself. — Tatiana


It can be a little scary to ask for help, but I was drawn to Marijana's positive energy and true desire to help others. Since my session with Marijana I have noticed a greater sense of peace and acceptance. She helped me look deeply at the life transition I am experiencing and see it from both the emotional and spiritual perspectives. Most importantly for me, she helped me see clearly that I am exactly where I needed to be in this transition and that is okay. I would highly recommend Marijiana's mentoring because she is warm, compassionate and insightful. She is gifted in helping you get right to the core issues you are struggling with. — J.L


I had no hesitations about receiving a mentoring session from Marijana. There was something about Marijana's message and a kindness in her energy that drew me in. Since working with Marijana I have completely released nervousness about not knowing what steps I need to take next. I have been uber creative and just following my bliss. My art and my writing have been completely from my heart and free flowing.

Marijana held a judgement free space for me to process the messages from my heart to which I had not been listening. An immediate calm came over me and I have been able to remain heart centred ever since our session.

I would highly recommend Marijana's mentoring services without hesitation. Her questions spoke directly to my heart and got me out of my analysing head, so I could quiet the noise of "judgement" and step into flow. Marijana has found her calling and I feel so blessed that she shared her gifts with me. She is a treasure and will help people shine their heart lights in our world! — Kristen