Divine R/Evolution

a r/evolutionary movement to empower conscious connection.


My sacred invitation to you!

Who would you be after 6 weeks of devoting to a sacred r/evolution within? 

What would be possible if you healed the shame that has created the core wound of unworthiness? Let's find out!


Meet yourself and the world as your true divine nature when you devote to your essential purpose to live as love.

Be a part of our sacred sisterhood to co-create a r/evolutionary experience and awaken to one shared Truth: Love is the very essence of your being and the way of transforming your life.

The making of this program has been a long time coming...

It's birth is the result of a collective resurrection, of lonely and lost souls with shattered dreams, yearning to feel whole, worthy and connected in the journey to self-realisation. 

who is made for love for?

If you are a woman who yearns to forge forward in your life with purpose, clarity and connection but feel...

  • self-doubt about your ability to have the life and relationships you desire?
  • unworthy of love and attention in your life, business and relationships?
  • exhausted by the search for answers, spiritual enlightenment and inner peace.
  • disconnected from the life around you and within you.
  • depleted by your attempts to meet social expectations.
  • tired of suffering from wounds of the past.
  • disheartened by shattered dreams.
  • fear of never realising her true potential.
  • difficulty trusting yourself to make the best decisions for your well-being?
In this 7 week program we will journey together through a guided process where you will have the opportunity to discover the most powerful love of your true divine nature, creating a beloved connection within so that.png


In this 6 week program we will journey together through a guided process where you will have the opportunity to discover the most powerful love of your true divine nature, creating a beloved connection within so that you can experience the deepest healing and discover the freedom to live and love fully.

It is time to reclaim your divine worthiness and forge your true path with purpose.

Because you were made to love!

Why do this program?

Made to Love is a r/evolutionary program, helping you to ...

  • resurrect your Self from the pain of the past.
  • discover your inherent wholeness.
  • stop chasing after anything in order to be complete.
  • feel connected to the heart of humanity.
  • know the generative and healing power of your true nature.
  • build faith in your deepest experience.
  • clarify your essential purpose.

Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey or you've been waking up to your true nature for some time and feel called to serve more deeply, Divine R/evolution is an invitation to all spiritual travellers - epitomising the circular nature of evolution and connectedness of all existence. 

This is a divinely guided movement, born out of a natural and energetic shift of consciousness towards inclusiveness and connectedness of all existence.  

Divine Revolution is a sacred overthrow of what no longer serves your heart and the heart's of others. Its a journey of disproving the lies that you have been believing about who you are and who you have become. Your permission slip to begin dissolving the confines around your true nature, masked by a falsely constructed social self.


Hello, I am Marijana Cabrita. Trained as a psychotherapist in 2003, I have been integrating the science of psychology with the power of spirituality to serve as a mentor on the path of healing and self-actualisation.
I believe we all have one essential purpose, which is to awaken to our true nature. 
Life in all it's glory and inherent contradiction is endlessly offering you opportunities to meet the truth of who you are through conscious connection.    

With love, Marijana


A space for...

  • you to thrive in a community that illuminates the hearts of fellow spiritual travellers, who will reflect the one shared truth of each individuals essential nature and purpose.  
  • you to rest, where you will be embraced for all of who you are. 
  • inspired action so service is deepened and expanded from service to your own heart and mind, to service to your loved ones, to service to your greater community, etc...
  • freedom from illusion, falseness and advice giving.
  • rememberance, acting as your most trusted friend, reminding you what it is that you are most deeply devoted to.
  • unconditional Love.


Why you? 

The world needs you to know your pure potential...

  • You would be pioneering the most sacred overthrow of the current paradigm of be-ing.
  • You would be warrioring as real, whole, unconditional, divine Love - allowing for deep inner healing and therefore, the healing of others.
  • You would be liberating yourself from untruths, unbecoming all that has kept you from truly living - free to be unapologetically you.
  • You would be more connected to the Truth of who you are then ever before - allowing you to love more deeply, live more truly and serve more profoundly - transforming your life and the lives of others.
  • You would be more powerful then you ever thought possible. 

Are you ready to discover what your made of?



  • online and accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.
  • community platform hosted within a private Facebook community.
  • all content is delivered within the forum which includes: weekly live calls, exercise prompts and downloadable content.
  • calls are scheduled to best suit the availability of participants, but are always recorded.


MADE TO LOVE overview:


WEEK 1: Uncovering your True Nature.

  • Introduction of myself and the program (what to expect from the program and our time together).
  • Overview of group agreements.
  • An opportunity create " I AM" declarations.
  • Discerning between the true self and the socially constructed self. The yearning for truth and connection. 
  • Writing prompts (posted within the FB forum) to create space for presence. 
  • Guided group meditation: The true nature of Self.


WEEK 2: Releasing the pain of the past.

  • Identifying the unconscious cultural and personal stories at the core of unworthiness.
  • Explore the ego's function and the possibility of transitioning out of the ego.
  • Handout: Presence is an act of love. Making space to grieve with self-compassion.
  • Committing more deeply to the practice of presence to dissolve the illusion of separation and meet unhealed wounds with self-compassion.
  • Guided group meditation: The healing power of presence.


WEEK 3: Letting go of the need for Approval & Restoring Wholeness.

  • We will be exploring all the ways that one seeks love and approval and appreciation.
  • Handout: Common beliefs that Sabotage your Worth.
  • Guided practices (posted within the forum) for self-enquiry and restoring wholeness.
  • Discussion: The heavy cost of seeking love and approval on your self-worth. Coming home to Love.
  • Guided group Meditation: Restoring wholeness.


WEEK 4: Deepening Devotion.

  • Handout and Discussion on devotion as an offering to the divine.
  • Guided practices and writing prompts on creating your own devotionals, altars and prayers.
  • Guided group meditation: Be the Offering.


WEEK 5: Embracing the Divine within.

  • Here we will begin a deeper practice of listening and witnessing of how your soul is attempting to awaken you to your essential purpose.
  • Discussion discerning between the call of the soul and soul's calling.
  • Guided group meditation: The Call of the Soul.


WEEK 6: Letting the Divine take the Lead.

  • Reclamation of your true divine worth.
  • Discussion: The higher order of your evolution. Your healing is in progress. Deepening Faith.
  • Invitation to declare how you will create a more connected and purposeful life in the new year.
  • Discussion: Acknowledgement of your journey and opportunity to share.
  • Guided group meditation: Surrendering to Divine Guidance.


What makes Made to Love a great path for women who want to live and love fully?

1. Practice and Presence is where it's at.

This program is present focused - inviting gentle loving attention to what's happening now in your life which may also elicit feelings that have been stored in your body from past experiences. {See note at bottom of page for psychological safety precautions}.

Put another way, the program is meant to support you to meet yourself in the present moment to liberate you from the unconscious operating principles that have been running your mind. Even self-analysis is contained within the limits of the unconscious mind...

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein.

PRESENCE HAS THE POWER TO...melt limiting perceptions; transmute pain and suffering; heal trauma and create everyday miracles!

2. The gift of Tribe is priceless.


The community of devoted Soul's will both symbolically and energetically hold the space for divine communion, serving to reflect the deepest truth's of each heart and the One truth that connects us with the heart of the world. 

This is what it means to be interconnected and live one's essential purpose--to live as love.

3. Our commitment

1. I am committed to your growth and this support and work needs to be accessible to everyone.

2. It's a commitment to yourself: Creating a new way of seeing and being takes consistent practice.

3. Your learning will be deepened if you take the dedicated time to integrate and experience it in your life.

4. There is no quick fix to this life-changing work...however, you will begin feeling more freedom right away.

4. Judgement & Advice-Free Zone.

  • the community group is a judgement-free and advice-free space. It simply requires your loving presence and if comfortable, courage to share about your self-discovery with the request to honour confidentiality.




  • this time around we are dedicating this program to female-identified only. 
  • Let me know if you'd be interested in an in-person Divine R/Evolution weekend workshop in your local community.
  • For anyone that is currently processing deep pain or trauma, I recommend that you only do this program in tandem with regular professional mental health support, with the written support of your mental health professional. Depending on space available, I will be offering psychotherapy for a few individuals whom need additional mental health support. Please email me if you are interested. 
  • Tuition is non-refundable. 




Along with Marijana’s gentle smile, her ability to hold space was palpable, and it enabled a free flow of energy to pass between us. I felt heard, and more importantly, I felt seen. Marijana has a special magic about her that allowed me to relax and share from the heart. Her wisdom and guidance was pure; her perspectives and knowledge lovingly intentional.
— Theresa Voigt, Healer, Mentor & Soul Coach located in Australia (theresavoigt.com)
If you are wanting to work with someone who is wise, educated, professional and spiritual, I would highly recommend Marijana.
— Eve Gaudet, Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant located in Victoria, BC Canada (www.eveofchange.com)
Marijana brings such depth, knowledge and an inner knowing to her work. Her spirit shines as she listens and encourages in a gentle way. I felt a sense of release during our conversation, and was able to really look at and understand the blocks I was experiencing in my life with a new appreciation and way to approach and deal with them. I think that anyone that gets to work with her will be blessed with the chance to feel her light, and will have huge shifts in their mindset.
— Abigail M.
There was something about Marijana’s message and a kindness in her energy that drew me in. Marijana held a judgement free space for me to process the messages from my heart to which I had not been listening. An immediate calm came over me and I have been able to remain heart centred ever since our session. I would highly recommend Marijana’s mentoring services without hesitation. Her questions spoke directly to my heart and got me out of my analysing head, so I could quiet the noise of “judgement” and step into flow. Marijana has found her calling and I feel so blessed that she shared her gifts with me. She is a treasure and will help people shine their heart lights in our world!
— Kristen Ashley Sikes, Intuitive Healer located in Connecticut. Email: Kristen.Sikes@sbcglobal.net
Marijana has a loving and strong presence. I would highly recommend working with her. It’s really easy to feel completely at ease with her. She is a beautiful soul that emanates the love and presence that she teaches and writes about. She is clearly a woman that walks her talk, which I love. Her energy is soothing and warm. And she feels very authentic.
— Anna Eugenio, Spiritual Coach & Mentor at HeartConnections Coaching (www.annaeugenio.com)



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