Thank you so much for joining me here. I am committed to helping you deepen your healing from relational trauma and helping you discover your intrinsic worth and wholeness.

I am here to create a safe space for you to summon your innate curiosity, courage and compassion—for your healing and transformation.

I am here to support you in deepening your devotion to knowing the freedom of who you are and your great capacity to love and be loved.  To help you cultivate the genuine connections with others that you’ve always longed for.

I am convinced that....

Truth liberates. Love heals. Our True being flourishes best when we live courageously, compassionately and in community.

My highest joy is to see another discover who they really are ~ their intrinsic worth and wholeness. Even for a moment, to witness these moments of whole-being awakening means that they've made contact with the healing presence of love. This is priceless. This is why I do what I do. It is not simply a vocation. It is, opportunity after opportunity of experiencing and witnessing the deep intelligence of the heart found in the courageous presence between each and every one of us. 


I am deeply grateful for the privilege of doing this work. I have utmost reverence for the vulnerable, courageous presence it takes for each and every human that meets with me.

One of life’s greatest paradoxes is that no one can do it for you, but you cannot do it alone. Life is made just challenging enough to ensure that we need each other to ensure the journey of love.
— Mark Nepo

Teachers that inspire me...

Matt Licata, PhD; Jeff Foster; Tara Brach, PhD, Mark Nepo, Dr. Richard Schwartz, Dr. Kristin Neff, Dr. Dan Siegal and Jon Kabat-Zinn--just to name a few.