Hello, I’m Marijana Jozic-Cabrita. Thank you for your interest in my work.

I'm a registered clinical counsellor, trauma therapist, mindfulness meditation teacher and founder of Made to Love: Counselling & Wellness Services.

I am here to help you heal relational trauma & re-embody your intrinsic wholeness so you can live and connect to life, yourself and others with deeper compassion, meaning, aliveness and presence.

With over 15 years practicing as a registered clinical counsellor, I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT SUPPORTING MY CLIENTS WITH an integral approach to deeper emotional healing,psychological growth and spiritual transformation.

Do you long to feel more connected to yourself and others?

Are you ready to heal the relational wounds that are preventing you from experiencing your inherent self-worth? The one's that are preventing you from accessing and trusting your best judgement? Your sound mind? Your hearts' deep intelligence? The wounds that are preventing you from trusting others and having the secure and authentic connections you yearn for?

Are you ready to transform the way you relate to your Self from one of feeling unworthy, to one of knowing your intrinsic worth and even more--that you are already whole? Already enough?

First know, you are not alone. And, you are not broken. Feelings of unworthiness are a common - unspoken struggle - affecting relationship and life, fulfillment. These feelings stem from unconscious belief systems that for most are formed within the first decade of their lives due to emotional injuries -- imprinting how one relates to others.

It is not only possible to rewire old ways of thinking and relating, in fact, your current relationship struggles are a doorway into great healing and liberation for you.

Whether you are currently feeling disconnected and unfulfilled in a significant relationship or single and reeling from past hurts or heartbreak -- this is an opportunity to stop the trajectory of a lifetime of relating from fear and suffering.

This is an opportunity to devote to your healing for the exhausting and likely painful, journey that you've been on in your life and relationships.  

You have a deep capacity to love and be loved. 

Find out what is possible for you today...

I felt inspired by my session with Marijana. She has a loving and strong presence. I would highly recommend working with her. It’s really easy to feel completely at ease with her. She is a beautiful soul that emanates the love and presence that she teaches and writes about. She is clearly a woman that walks her talk, which I love. Her energy is soothing and warm. And she feels very authentic.
— Anna Eugenio, Spiritual Coach & Mentor at HeartConnections Coaching (www.annaeugenio.com)